Sasal Organization

SASAL is a non-governmental organization working with pastoral communities in Arid and semi-arid lands to build climate resilience. To achieve climate resilience, we have developed several programs on awareness/knowledge creation, mitigation, and adaptation.

The idea for SASAL was born in the year 2015 but became a reality in September 2019. It was initially named “smile of a pastoralist” but then renamed.

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MyFutureApp is Africa’s leading studies and career advising platform used by 200+ schools in 30+ African countries.

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Wave Advisory

Wave Advisory

Wave Advisory is an independent business advisory and consultancy boutique.
The Team at Wave deliver client-centric and customized solutions that provide 360 Degrees insights catering to the unique needs of all entities. The firm provides the right tools for Entrepreneurs to ride through the wave of business and Non-Profit organizations to deliver more impact.

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Nairobi Channels Auctioneers

Nairobi Channels Auctioneers are  Licensed Auctioneers authorized to execute warrants of attachment, Distress for rent, & Repossession of properties and Debt collection. The company has an insurance cover of Ksh 2 Million and a bond of Ksh 100,000/=. It also has a Professional Indemnity cover of Ksh 25 Million in respect of our legal liability to 3rd parties arising out of the performance of professional activities/duties.

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Pain Strategies 

Pain Strategies Offers Courses and Roadmaps on how to cope with Chronic pain and continue with your life

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Motech Valuators Auctioneers

Motech Valuators value bank assets and report the valuations to the bank. Silktech developed a document management system for MotechValutors.

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